Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Twin Sister Story - I Bawang teken I Kesuna

In this story, Onion is Bawang, and Garlic is Kesuna. They are two sisters who lived with their parents. Bawang and Kesuna have different characters. Bawang is a lazy and do not like to work hard. She is also jealous and gossipy. Kesuna is a quiet, honest and diligent worker. She does almost all the housework, but due to clever Bawang propitiate his parents, then she is loved by them.

One day their father went to the fields and their mother to market. Kesuna asked Bawang to help her doing the homework, but Bawang is always refused. Finally Kesuna did everything herself. After all has been done, she went to the river to bathe. When Kesuna still in the river, their mother came home, and Bawang quickly smeared her body with ashes and said that she worked all day long and Kesuna just play and did not want to help her.

When Kesuna back from the river, his mother hit her with a broom stick and drove Kesuna. Sadly Kesuna went to the woods and cried. There were many yellow birds cerukcuk.

Kesuna said:
"Yellow cerukcuk, yellow cerukcuk
Peck my fontanel
Let me die quickly"

Cerukcuk bird was perched on her head and then peck Kesuna fontanel. Kesuna thought the top of her head had been injured, but on her head was attached by gold wreaths. The bird came and pecked the neck, and grew a gold on the necklace. Then the bird pecked the ears, wrists and feet, fingers, and grew the earrings, bracelets, and diamond ring.

Kesuna realized that she has been helped by these cerukcuk birds. So she decided to return home. But when she got home, his family did not want to welcome her again. Then Kesuna went to her grandmother's house, who received her gladly because she thought that her granddaughter was dead.

One day Bawang came asking for fire to his grandmother. Then Bawang saw Kesuna was spinning. Bawang saw a lot of Kesuna’s jewelry, she requested a flower of gold. Because she has been slandered by Bawang, Kesuna did not want to give it. Bawang came home crying and told his parents that Kesuna had gone home.

Eventually Bawang and her parents knew the secret of jewelry that Kesuna weared. Then Bawang was pretended being scolded by her parents, and was expelled. Bawang pretended to cry out to the woods. When met a bird cerukcuk, Bawang told it to peck her body:

"Yellow cerukcuk, yellow cerukcuk
Peck my fontanel, ears, my neck, my hands, my legs, my fingers,
My whole body.
Let my body full of gold and diamond "

Cerukcuk bird alighted on the body and pecked Bawang. But not gold and diamond that grew, but severe injuries on her body. Then Bawang died on the spot. Crime and greed lead her to disaster.

The writer's note: Being not English native speaker, I do apologize for the grammatical mistakes. For the native speaker, I do appeal you to correct this writing.